StompMarket Sales Engine

Stomp doesn't just manages your costs. It generates revenues!

If you don't know much about StompMarket - read this first

Running good retail is like trying to manage one big catch-22. You can't get good sales unless you have great products. But, you can't have great products unless you have good sales. Stomp understands and tries to break this chain.

StompMarket is designed to help brands and sellers utilize each other's capabilities to create more sales and profits without added costs.

Using stomp a seller is easily able to access stock of other global brands who wish to utilize their channels. Seller doesn't need to pay anything up front to be able to utilize this access.

Similarly, a brand is easily able to access great sellers in multiple locations and owning multiple channels to enhance the probability of selling their stock at higher scale and consistency.

This is possible only if the seller and the brand are using stomp to manage their stock and catalog. So it becomes trivially easy for sellers to publish a brand's catalog on its channel and easy for brands to provide their stock on demand to these sellers.

There are three modes in which sellers and brands can do business together:

  1. Cash And Carry

  2. Drop Ship

  3. Sales or Return