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Today’s retail businesses can not afford to neglect product catalog management. To know why, we first need to understand what it actually is?

What is catalog management?

It’s the strategic process of managing your electronic product content to ensure the quality of product data/information across all sales channels.

An electronic catalog or e-catalog, is a web resource that provides information on products and services offered and sold by a vendor, and supports online ordering and payment capabilities.

Catalog management determines how you organize, standardize, and publish your product data to each sales channels so that you can have optimum results. It doesn’t matter if it’s your own product data or others, in case of cross-selling. You need to manage it in a way that ensures accuracy across all of your products.

It isn’t only useful while making sales, e-catalogs are used for procuring frequently replenished goods and services as well.

What is the need for catalog management?

Your product catalog management helps build the foundation of your business.

A properly managed product catalog should produce quality data, which will inturn help in building an omnichannel experience, improving customer experience and ultimately growing your business.

Kimberly Struyk, SVP at QualQuant Signals, states that, “product information is the single most influential content to raising purchasing intentions” and you lose overall brand impressions because of sparse product information.

Key elements which should be present in a catalog are:

  • Product Name or Title: ex- SOLO Stainless Steel Jewel Cutlery Set with AP Knife Silver Mirror Finish 24 Pcs.

  • Description: Details and attributes of the product.

  • Images: Product images from different angles.

  • Supplier: Name of the company selling a product, ex- Old India Republic

  • Internal codes: SKU or variant code of the product.

  • Price: Best price of the product.

  • Product Hierarchy: It defines the class, family, line and type of a particular product.

Stomp offers you a platform where you can manage your product cataloging requirements. Here’s how you can do it:

How to videos:

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How to upload/edit image for a product/combo?

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How to check active sales channels for a particular brand?

How to check active listings on sales channels for a particular brand?

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