Welcome to StompMarket

Hi! Welcome to StompMarket. The full featured retail management engine for the future!

Why StompMarket

Retail is a very operational business. You need to do the basics right on a daily basis to remain profitable in the market. Some of these basics are hard. Also, as big companies like Google, Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba spread their wings, it gets harder to compete against them.

StompMarket provides the critical tools, services and sales opportunities for retail businesses across the world. We do this using the power of technology and innovation.

StompMarket (or stomp) does this by providing 5 basic layers of retail management. We help you manage

  1. Catalog - all your brands, products and their info on your fingertips. In a snap of a finger, you can get your products across multiple channels across the world. It is that easy with stomp.

  2. Inventory - Real time granular data about your items. Where they are, and where they should be. No need to count stock manually. Use barcodes to take control of your stock. We handle multiple warehouses. Yours and third party (Amazon FBA, Flipkart FA, Flex, FA Lite etc.)

  3. Orders and Shipments - Grab all your orders - offline/online in one place. Helps you pick, pack and ship the items. In an unlikely scenario that you get a return, we help you manage that as well.

  4. Channels - We handle all the major online channels for you. Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Etsy among others. We also integrate well with carts like shopify and wordpress (woo-commerce). We help you push your catalog, sync your inventory, manage orders on all of these systems.

  5. Financials - All the above is meaningless unless we make solid profit while doing the above 4. Stomp provides you with detailed analysis of your stock and cash flow to help you stay ahead.

This is not all! This is just where the fun begins!! Read on